Who is Nicolette?

Boring stuff:


Award-winning author Nicolette Pierce is a member of Moraine Writers Guild, Chicago Writers Association, and Romance Writers of America. She is the prolific author of the romantic suspense Nadia Wolf, Metal Girls and Mars Cannon series, as well as the spin-off character novels that accompany the series.


Facts about me, which may or may not be interesting:


1) I love to travel. Lately, it's been domenstic travel. I haven't been anywhere overseas in a while. 

2) I have one son. Two if I count my husband, which I sometimes do. 

3) No favorite color. Seriously, I can't peg one down.

4) Standard pizza toppings are black olives and mushrooms.

5) Terrified of snakes. 

6) I live in Wisconsin. We have cheese, brats, and beer. That's it.

7) For ten years I lived in California. (Napa, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, and Fresno.)

8) I've been a vegetarian since 1995. Bacon still smells good but my taste for meat has vanished. I found that tidbit out during the sausage pizza scare of 2010.

9) One of my favorite genres to read is regency romance.

10) The most magical place I've been to is Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. Go there during Christmas and walk the streets after the tourists go away.

11) Worst place I slept was in a desert in Egypt. It wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't surrounded by camel droppings. Talk about mine fields!

12) I can't decide if I like peaches or watermelon more.

13) Worms will make me scream and run away.

14) I love TV sitcoms. The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn 99 and my top favorites right now.

15) I made my own weed killer. It doesn't work.

16) I made my own deoderant. It works so good it burns my skin off.

17) One day I tried writing outside. Two squirrels were "getting busy" in a tree and a third squirrel fell out of the same tree. He survived. I decided writing inside is better.

18) I would wear flip-flops year round if I could. 

19) I have a problem with women's clothing. Where are the pockets? Seriously, where are the pockets?

20) I've tried sports. They don't like me.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I've enjoyed writing them.