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  • Nancy Bullough (Tuesday, August 01 17 08:32 am EDT)

    nicolette, I loved your Nadia Wolf series. And the first of her character stories. Thanks!

  • manicure (Tuesday, April 25 17 06:41 pm EDT)

    Thanks very interesting blog!

  • Kimberly Keene (Friday, March 31 17 01:47 pm EDT)

    I just finished "The Big Blind." I loved it!! It was the first book I've read by you....It will not be the last. Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors, with your Nadia Wolf series, I now have two. Thank you Nicolette!

  • Christine S (Tuesday, November 22 16 05:37 am EST)

    I started with the Mars series and was hooked on you as an author. The best I've read in a long time! I have every single one of your books and can't wait for Fearsome Foursome!

  • Michelle M (Monday, November 21 16 11:45 pm EST)

    Love the Mars and Nadia series. Would be amazing if the two met! Imagine the chaos that would ensue!

  • Syliva (Monday, November 21 16 11:03 pm EST)

    Do you think there will be hot men in the book?

  • Edna (Monday, November 21 16 10:55 pm EST)

    Do you think it will be scary?

  • Mrs. Janowski (Monday, November 21 16 10:43 pm EST)

    Is it time for Fearsome Foursome yet?

  • Syliva (Monday, November 21 16 10:42 pm EST)

    I can't wait for Fearsome Foursome!